18 June 2013

Wedge Oak Farm has Link Forty One Sausage and Bacon

We are pleased to be working with Link Forty One of Chattanooga, Tennessee (aka the Scenic City) to make sausages and bacon with our Wilson County pork. 
They make it, as their logo states clearly:     “For the Love of Pig”

We have made the trip south several times to establish a relationship with Milton and Tom (artisan sausage/ bacon makers). Their finished products are good looking, good tasting and contain high quality ingredients. Many of these are fresh depending on availability and practicality. Their sausages are allergen free, except a bit of soy that is an ingredient of the Potsticker sausage links.

Give this sausage a try! We have been tossing them into the oven, cooking in a skillet and cooking on the grill. They are just right for many occasions and easy and fast to cook. Some are spicy and others savory. The bacon is DELISH!

It is the best of the pork world... crazy mad sausage/ bacon making skills, fresh and delicious spices and herbs, and of course divine locally grown, pasture raised, antibiotic-free, humanely raised Mangalitsa and Poland China pork from Wedge Oak Farm!

In stock at Wedge Oak Farm:  4 links per 1 Lb. pack
Mole (Chipotle peppers and a hint of cocoa)
Hot Honey (Sausage with Pepper Infused Honey)
Potsticker (do you like Asian Dumplings? We do!)
Kielbasa (savory and smoked)
Kolasz (Hungarian hog into Hungarian smoked sausage)
Finn (Italian sausage with fennel)
Baconage (decadence in link form = bacon and sausage blended into a link)
Breakfast Links

Don’t forget the BACON!

Need I remind you, "don’t forget the bacon"!