30 January 2013

Our pigs know Upside Down on a house!

The Hog Hut and Swine Shrine got Flipped!
No pigs were hurt last night when super strong winds came through one of our pastures! Hope you made it too! 

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22 January 2013

2013 here we come!

Wedge Oak plans for 2013

Wedge Oak Farm features pasture-raised pigs, chicken, and cattle. Our laying hens produce an amazing array of browns, tans, green/blue and white eggs. These eggs are available at our markets and to individual customers. Using our family’s conventional barns from another era, we have converted these buildings into useful spaces that serve our needs for a variety of animals.

Former horse stalls now serve as brooder rooms for day old chicks; and a once used long chicken barn of the 1960s has been transformed into areas for young pigs and their mamas. Our dependence on city water will soon be a thing of the past. Karen, Brian,  friends and family have worked on the old well and will install a new solar powered pump since pulling the 1960's version out on the coldest day of 2012. 

Several garden plots are being cleaned and readied for planting what we hope will be bumper vegetable and forage crops this year. Wedge Oak Farm anticipates one of our very best growing seasons of its history.
Talking gilt

We hope to hear from you in 2013!

Mangalitsa piglet December 2012
Henny Penny in the hay