30 March 2012

Wedge Oak Farm is busy this Spring!

These Mangalitsas enjoy their perch above the tree tops.

Check Anne and Karen out in the Local Table

Little Poland Chinas are the newest addition to our passel of pigs.
Gator, our guardian of the brooder, loves to follow the 4 wheeler on morning work. He trails behind with his ears flapping and tail wagging as he greets the other farm residents daily. At night he sleeps by the little chicks and keeps the hungry at bay.
We processed our first batch of pastured broilers for the season this week! Call 615-547-4222 or email if you might like a few for your fridge or freezer. wedgeoak@gmail.com

03 March 2012

Little Bruno

This Mangalitsa loves his new creekside view of Wilson county!
This little boar is being raised for the purpose of creating little Brunos and Brunas. Right now he is relaxing and enjoying visits from the wild turkeys and the springtime singing frogs.