31 March 2011

Check Out Wedge Oak Farm's New History Page

We've added a little history about the farm on our new History page. Check it out - just click the word History on the menu bar above!

30 March 2011

Compost Time

Lately we have been working our compost.
We have added leaves and winter bedding to the kitchen refuse from Nashville's only Green Certified restaurant. We have partnered with tayst since 2009. Saving the landfill from huge quantities of vegetable matter. We are out in Wilson County making good dirt!

29 March 2011

Wrong Side of the Fence

Sometimes you find your sense of adventure has gotten you on the wrong side of the fence. 
Good thing there is always a sister somewhere to help you get back to the right side.

24 March 2011

Hogging the Trough

After we finished freshining up the water trough, this little piggy found a perfect spot for what he thought would be a relaxing soak. His pals waited impatiently for their spin through the water.

21 March 2011

Hester the Inspector

She is the first one to great me in the morning and the tester of the food.
Quality control is the name of her game. This inspector must eat from every feeder first!

18 March 2011

Spa day

A beautiful eighty degree day sends Mia and Nosey Rosey to the cool waters in the old abandoned pond. Mud baths all around! What a luxury!

17 March 2011

Here are the girls!

They gather around for their daily buffet of fruits and vegetables.
Wedge Oak Farm partners with a local grocery to reduce the grocery's impact on the land fill. Our flocks of poultry, passels of pigs and even our bovine herd enjoys the daily delights of produce!

Did you know that ducks love green peppers and pigs like cilantro?

15 March 2011

Chicks in the Brooder

Our 8 breeds of chicks are starting to "feather out" but still loving the heat under the brooder!
The Turken, up front (aka Transylvanian Naked Neck), especially likes the warm glow on her neck.

Maybe a scarf is in order!

14 March 2011

Fresh on the farm!

Wedge Oak Farm got our newest pullet chicks last week and quickly shared the water and chick starter feed with them. Each one gets a drink upon arrival and put under the brooder to warm up. They prefer 90-95 degrees for the first week.
In no time they will have their feathers and be ready for the pasture - these will be our new laying hens!

11 March 2011

Big Daddy Finds New Friends

Moved Big Daddy into new area. He was lonely as the only boy on the 
hill. Now has many "little" buddies to frolic about the woods lot.


09 March 2011

Single Male - lonely and looking for company...

Likes fresh fruit, back scratches, and a night under the stars.

Looking for companions to share the feed bin and wander the limestone basin.

Moved "little" pigs onto new wooded acreage!

Yeay! the rainy weather held off till the last two walked into their new locale.