30 April 2011

Poulet Rouge Chick-lets!

Did you know you can mail chickens? Sound strange? May be, but it's true.

Chicks are shipped in cardboard boxes and usually arrive at the Post Office at 6 AM—hungry, thirsty and ready for warmth.

Each chick is given a drink of water and is put under a heat light.  The temperature must be 95 degrees for the first week. Every week thereafter we drop the temperature 5 degrees. By the time we reach outside temperatures they will have their feathers and self regulate.

29 April 2011

Good day for a dust bath!

This Leghorn hen wanders the barn lot daily hunting a tasty treat. Occasionally, she stops to take a dust bath. Dust baths are a chicken's natural way of cleaning and parasite control. Plus they are fun!

21 April 2011

Unwelcomed Guest Relocated to Kentucky

Who you might ask?

A juvenile Great Horned Owl that's who...Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo (sorry, had to).

Not a welcomed guest - at all. The total loss was 16 hens. We think Junior got in during the night and then was dismayed to discover he didn't know how to get out after the crime. After some set-up for a humane capture we wrangled him into the animal carry-all and relocated him to the woods near Scottsville, Kentucky. Watch out for those talons they'll go right through ya!

Here is some on-the-farm (as opposed to street)-eyewitness-footage of this beautiful bird.

20 April 2011

Preparing Pigs for Market

WOF is spending a good bit of time this rainy Wednesday prepping pigs for market. Pastured USDA inspected pork coming to a table near you today - straight off the farm!

14 April 2011

Watertown Tin

Part of Wedge Oak's vision is to repurpose previously used materials. An old dilapidated barn in Watertown, Tennessee offered us the tin we needed to repair the Corn Crib and other buildings that will shelter WOF's livestock for years to come. We pulled off the intact pieces and hauled them back to WOF - look at all that beautiful tin!

13 April 2011

Rafters Up!

As was done over 100 years ago...we have the cedar logs cut, cleaned and installed. Next phase is lathing. After that - replace the missing tin.

11 April 2011

Fresh Fruit Does A Body Good!

This gilt (a young female pig) sure is enjoying her fresh produce!
She likes the cedar glades and warm sunshine on her shoulders.

09 April 2011

Eggs for Sale

Check out Dozen on our website under the "Restaurants" tab. They are
selling Wedge Oak Farm's pasture raised, fresh, delicious, beautiful
eggs by the dozen. Saturday April 8.
Find Dozen's fantastic desserts today at the Nashville Farmers
Market and the Franklin Farmers Market. There you will also find our
Announcement brought to you by The Hens.

The Corn Crib Restoration

We have started renovating one of the oldest structures on Wedge Oak Farm. The cedar log building pictured below was used to store grain after the harvest. While the logs are in good shape the roof was beginning to deteriorate. We have cut cedar from the farm to reconstruct the rafters as was done over a century ago.

Remember always—measure twice and cut once.

Then relocate the 1940s Manure Spreader.

Sometimes you have to 'measure twice' quickly...
Atlas can only hold that roof up for so long you know!

Check back for progress updates!

01 April 2011


Time to get the week's work wrapped up so you can go meet up with your buddies and have a drink..... of water! Ah, how refreshing it is.