07 December 2011

Chicken Again!

At 4:40 pm, I told my sister in New York that I only had one more thing to do before I went home on Monday... the one thing was to load 400+ chickens/broilers into crates for their trip to the processing plant on Tuesday morning. Brian, Cameron, Phillip and I completed the task in 2 hours!

Crate loading is really a form of quality exercise as you are actually interval training: repetitions of squats and lunges then lifting and loading 70# crates onto a flat trailer for transport. If anyone is ever interested you can contact me by email. We can get you signed up. Why pay for a gym membership when you can load chickens instead?

Tuesday's 4 AM wake up call came too early with me slow to rise. I think it took all of the trailer loading prep time plus 1 hour drive time before the coffee took effect!

Total time spent in travel:  5:00 AM - 7:30 PM = 14.5 hours
Mileage: 172 round trip
Coffee Consumed: One Gallon
Song of the Day: Mercedes Benz- Janis Joplin (as sung by the crew at SS Enterprises)
The Ones That Got Away: 2 feathered and live chickens spotted today have been in hiding for 24 hrs
Vacuum packed and ready to load