30 June 2011

Forget Your Farmer, Forget Local Food

From the National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition….

The agriculture appropriations bill the House of Representatives just passed slashes $1 billion from mandatory farm bill conservation funding and tells USDA to drop the Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food initiative (KYF, KYF). The House measure would slash programs that support farmers who protect the soil and water on which our nation's future productivity depends. A provision denying any funding for the KYF, KYF initiative is a direct attack on new farm and market opportunities, rural job growth and public health.
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As Obama and Republicans enter into a possible final week of budget negotiations it is crucial that you ACT NOW!

18 June 2011

While the weather has been hot and unpredictable the Laying Hens, and their friends the Ducks have enjoyed a cool drink of water and even a nice refreshing bath!

Oh, rubber ducky you're the one. You make bath time lots of fun!

06 June 2011

The Pigs WON!

After numerous days of 90 degree weather, feeding livestock, watering livestock, and falling into bed every night to get up and try to beat the heat doing all of the other tasks that are  "farming"... the pigs won!

Yesterday's well laid plan was for naught, as the 250-300# hogs were not interested in anything but a mud bath. The rain dance worked and the afternoon rain shower replenished their supplies of rich thick mud. This thwarted our attempts to ready a passel of pigs for this morning's trailer trip.

The people of Wedge Oak Farm relinquished  hopeing the 5:30A.M efforts would prove to be more effective. The truck and trailer made it out of the gate at 7 am and we will have fresh pork by the end of the week.

Note to self:
Do not try to utilize a new and unknown loading ramp with mud loving hogs,  after a summertime rainshower.