16 April 2012

An April Visit

Last Wednesday we had  the opportunity to share a day at Wedge Oak Farm with two guests, Chef Brandon Frohne and photographer Ron Manville. We spent time with the chickens (broilers and layers), saw all of the pigs, and rode 4-wheelers around our wedge of Wilson County.
Chef Brandon prepared some super devlish eggs and cobblers to be photographed by Ron Manville. When the shoot was complete, we enjoyed the beautiful, sweet and savory items at the picnic table behind the old shop.
After feeding the pigs and turning the garden for spring, Brian Ferrell  joined us and Anne arrived from WOF deliveries. Both got there in time to enjoy the delicacies that the hens did not eat while our backs were turned. Tricky chickens...

Check out Chef Brandon Frohne's blog for more details of our day and to discover what he finds noeworthy about food and farms.

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