17 July 2011

News of the Wedge

  • Wedge Oak Farm will have "Spring Chickens" Tuesday, July 19. Let us know if you might like a 16-24 oz. poussin that is just tender and delicious. Perfect as an individual serving.

  • We will also have fresh pork available the following week, July 25th-28th. Place your orders now to get delicious pasture raised pork to throw on the grill or serve to your guests.

  • The Farm number is temporarily disconnected, as the internet service changed on Old Murfreesboro Road and they turned off the farm phone in conjunction with the internet service. Unfortunately, we cannot have the phone reconnected until Monday, July18. Bare with us while we work out the kinks of a new provider.

You can contact us at:
615-766-3773 Karen's new mobile number (finally in the 615 area code)

615-497-3434 Anne's cell phone

As always you can also contact us by email:

12 July 2011

Hot Chicken

While I love an order of good "hot chicken", today's hot chicken consist of a flock of broilers keeping cool any way they can. Wading is always an option I guess.

When the temperature gets over 90 we try to keep the birds in a tree line for deep shade. Their small structures are good for a bit of sun and rain cover. However, there is nothing that compares to a tall healthy tree!

04 July 2011

Happy Fourth of July!

Wedge Oak Farm Wishes All a Safe and Happy Independence Day!

A reminder from Carl Cat: Light fuse and get away!