23 June 2012

Mangalitsa (MAHN-ga-leet-za) or "Hog with a lot of lard"

In the Summer of 2011, Wedge Oak Farm traveled to Iowa to buy several Mangalitsas. We returned to Tennessee with wooly pigs that would flourish in Tennessee to make the most deep and intensely flavored pork found in the United States. This hardy, robust and slow growing pig was close to extinction in it's homeland of Hungary. Today, through conservation efforts, the breed has been revived and is also residing in the US and UK.
Two Pregnant Sows: Prussia (nose up) and Ingrid (nose down)
The prized meat of the Mangalitsa is known to have large amounts of fat throughout the muscle and also surrounding the deep and rich red colored meat. With this slow type of development and growth, it takes almost two times as long for the Mangalitsa to reach the same processing size as any of the other heritage or conventional hogs raised in the US.  The slow growth and fat content makes for some of the highest regarded pork in the world... two times the flavor!

At Wedge Oak Farm, we are pleased to start making this pork available locally. See our on line markets (Stones River Market, Fresh Harvest Market, LLC), check with your favorite Nashville restaurants and food trucks, or make an appointment to come by the farm 615-547-3434.

 Currently we have loin chops, shoulder steaks, roasts, boneless hams, belly, tenderloins, leaf lard, jowl, heads, fatback and unseasoned ground pork available for you. Email us for more information wedgeoak@gmail.com or call Karen at 615-766-3773.

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 Wedge Oak Farm Mangalitsas, May 2012

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