17 November 2011

Muddy Water, Fall Eggs and a Unknown Guest

My grandfather, we called him Pa, used to tell us "you've been drinking muddy water" as you stood between him and the Saturday afternoon classic, The Lawrence Welk Show. It meant he could not see through you and was a less obvious way to ask you to move out of the way. This Mangalitsa piglet is making muddy water for her friends. Thirsty?

So there is a Fox Squirrel in the tree about dead center of the page. I tried to insert an arrow but gave up as I think I might be merely wasting time. Maybe you can spot it? They are larger than the Grey Squirrel we are accustomed to at Wedge Oak Farm. At first we thought it to be the elusive Southern Weasel, that has feasted on WOF poultry over the last season. Not so though. They are nocturnal and way too crafty to allow us to catch sight of them.

Afternoon's fall egg basket

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