25 May 2011

Chickens for Sale (Laying Hens and Roosters)

Hatched on February 15, 2011 these chicks have received daily rations of chick starter till they were 8 weeks old—at that time, they were moved to pullet grower feed that gets them ready for the job they will start in the end of June or first of July, EGG LAYING!

All have been raised with care and concern for their health and happiness. We hope to find homes that will treat them the same. Hens start to lay eggs at 18-22 weeks of age. These pullets will begin to lay eggs the last week of June or first of July.

Available breeds:

  • Ancona—Lays white egg, bright and snappy with black and white patches
  • Brown Leghorns—Lays white eggs, spirited birds, rarely broody
  • Turken/Naked Neck—Lays large brown egg, good temperament
  • Araucanas—Lays blue, green, pink, yellow eggs
  • Little Black Giants—Lays dark brown eggs, docile and easy to work with
  • Welsummer—Lays brown egg, good forager, hardy in the cold
  • New Hampshire Reds—Lay brown eggs, large plump carcass, chestnut red with black tail

$10.00 per pullet. Roosters available also: $5.00 per rooster (Araucana, Acona, Brown Leghorn)

Contact: wedgeoak@gmail.com  or call 615-443-0836